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    • I received the 6" f/10 Jaegers objective in the mail from SurpluShed today. Upon inspection, it is definitely uncoated. Looks beautiful on first look. But with all of the disparaging words being conveyed about these objectives, (the last of the A. Jaegers inventory was purchased by Fred at SurpluShed a mouth or two ago) I contacted Fred Lamothe, owner of SS to have him verify that the objective I purchased was Ronchi tested to be of good figure. He said that it is.


December 22, 2010

    • Both VSC sites (Slidell, LA and Riverview, FL) observed the December 21, 2010 Total Lunar Eclipse! Please check out the images we captured posted on the VSC homepage!


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September 01, 2010

    • Added some new web links to the VSC Resource Links drop-downs section.


August 16, 2010


July 10, 2010

    • With the construction of the VSC/SAO 100mm Carton 100mm "Mary Dawson" Refractor completed, First Light was performed this evening. A report can me found on this page on Cloudy Nights: Carton 100mm f/13 Or you can read it on the Vega News!!! page at this locations: Vega News!!!


June 20, 2010

    • On this day (Father's Day), I (Mel Dawson) suffered a stroke which hospitalized me for a week. Thanks be to God, I was able to make full recovery with little residual effects. As with much that has occurred in my life, a miracle happened, and give all the glory Him.


June 10, 2010

    • The Cradle Rings, Dovetail Plate and Bar pages have been completed and uploaded under the VSC/SAO 127mm f/9.4 "BGRP" Refractor section of Mel's Gleanings Pages. I will start making the web pages for the new North Star II Field Tripod soon.


May 15, 2010

    • The OTA construction overview web pages for the VSC/SAO 127mm f/9.4 "BGRP" Refractor are now complete and available for viewing. They can be found by clicking on the Mel's Gleanings Pages button at the top of the VSC home page. In the near future, be on the lookout for most construction overview pages of the Cradle Rings, Accessory Tray, and North Star II field tripod, that are all part of the 127mm telescopes accoutrements.


April 22, 2010


March 14, 2010

    • The VSC/ SAO has announced a new telescope project on the Vega News !!! page. The VSC/ SAO 100mm f/13 "Mary Dawson" Refractor. This instrument will be constructed using a brand new vintage mounted Carton 100mm f/13 objective purchase from the acclaimed Sheldon Faworski. One of the finest in Carton's repertoire of achromats. Please stay tuned for more updates.


March 10, 2010


March 03, 2010

    • Added an image on the homepage of the moon taken with the 127mm f/9.4 "BGRP" refractor as captured on February 20, 2010. Added more sites to the some of the drop-down menus on the homepage.


February 18, 2010

    • Added a link to the Astro-Photography Links and Websites drop-down menu on the homepage pertaining to drift alignment. Also, about a week ago I finally sold the 90mm f/11 modified Konus refractor to a gentleman by the name of Brian. Brian plans to use this fine instrument with his grand kids to introduce them to the stars. I can not be any happier about selling this scope. I hope it launches many an amateur astronomer.


February 05, 2010

    • Mel Dawson has put his 90mm f/11 modified Konus refractor up for sale on Astromart and Cloudy Nights. I has a Antares 90mm Research-Grade objective he purchased from Island Eyepiece and Telescope Ltd. for 199.95. Check out the links to the ads from the VSC homepage.


January 25, 2010

    • Good friend, honorary VSC member and fellow amateur Curt Walker has started a new ATM business that caters to a widespread assortment of clientele in the design and fabrication of telescope components. It is called Optical Supports. I have added a link to the ATM Parts, Suppliers, & Manufactures drop-down in the Resource Links section on the homepage. Curt also specializes in the fabrication of excellent conical primary mirror supports for R. F. Royce owners and others.


January 22, 2010


January 19, 2010

    • The first task at hand for the VSC WebHub for 2010 was the addition of new website links to the Resource Links drop-downs on the VSC homepage. Too many were added to mention here, so please check out the changes as your time permits. We have also reorder several of the drop-down menu categories to help amateur find what they are looking for more easily; we hope. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


December 31, 2009


December 16, 2009

    • Construction of the VSC/ SAO 127mm f/9.4 BGRP Refractor is now complete! Please check out the Vega News !!! page for details.


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August 25, 2008

    • Added additional websites to various drop-down menus on the home page of VSC. Rearranged the layout of the home page slightly. Past visitors will notice the difference.


August 22, 2008

    • On August 16, 2008, the Vega Sky Center celebrated its 38th anniversary! To commemorate this pinnacle in the history of the VSC, we have completed a new ATM project. It is the creation of the VSC "North Star" Field Tripod. The tripod was constructed for Gary Barabino to replace his ill fated one for his 8" f/5 Konus Konusky 200 Newtonian reflector. You can check out its construction overview by going to the "SAO Gleanings Page" from the top of the VSC homepage.

    • The components for the SAO 10" f/5.6 Fork Mounted Newtonians clock drive have arrived from Eric Moerman in Belgium. More on this under the "Vega News !!" section on the VSC homepage.


July 27, 2008

    • The VSC has created a tribute page for the periodical Astronomy Technology Today. It showcases images of each of the magazines published by ATT. Please go to the VSC home page to access the page.

    • Gary Barabino has completed work on the 2007 volume of the Vega Astronomical Journals. His efforts are paying off tremendously in restoring our past. As many of you already know, 2005 was the year that Hurricane Katrina devastated the Louisiana - Mississippi Gulf Coast. With the journals nearly being lost in this travesty, it is a miracle, and a blessing, that their recovery and restoration are almost current. Gary will be starting efforts to create the 2008 VAJ in short order.

    • Be on the look out for a new member to be added to the "Honorary VSC Member" section of the VSC WebHub. His name is Curt Walker, and his section will cover his work in astrophotography, among other projects. Curt's ATM skills have increased tremendously in a short period of time, and his work is worthy to be seen by the astronomical community at large. So please stay tuned. Check out the image of the Orion Nebula he produced below under the the "Resource Links" section. Simply awesome!


July 18, 2008

    • We have created a new Observer's Data Sheet for those amateurs who would like a copy without the Vega Sky Center logo. It is called "VSC Your Observers Data Sheet" Please feel free to download a copy for your own personal use. It can be found under the Observer's Data Sheets section below. Makes a great way to record those awesome observing sessions for your future enjoyment.

    • During the week of July 4th, 2008, Gary Barabino of the VSC/ VAO visited the VSC/ SAO. We managed to do some observing while he was here, but it was limited to one day. I hope to get a report from Gary to post under his VAO Gleaning Pages.

    • A new construction project has just been completed here at the VSC/ SAO. It is a wooden tripod that was designed to replace the damaged tripod for a CG-5 equatorial head owned by Gary Barabino. Please stay tuned for a section under the SAO Gleaning Pages, which will provide a construction overview. This is indeed a solid mount and will serve well any amateur possessing a CG-5, EQ5, or any other GEM. Click the image below for an enlarged view.


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Other major modifications to "The VSC's Favorite Amateur Astronomer and ATM Websites" today include the addition of the "StarryHost - Unforgettable School Assemblies in Astronomy" to the "Astronomical Education, and Knowledge", the "Tampa Bay McIDAS Weather Satellite" to the "Weather, Time, and Satellite Tracking" Drop-Down lists. Change the phrase "Welcome to the Website of the" to "Welcome to the Astronomical Web Hub of the" on the homepage of our VSC website.


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