The VSC/ SAO "North Star" Wood Tripod with CG-5 Equatorial Mount!!! -- Click to see a larger image.

The homemade VSC/ SAO "North Star II" Field Tripod. Completed in December of 2009, is a more refined version of the prototype I constructed back in July of 2008.

VSC/ SAO North Star II Field Tripod Component Design Plans

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VSC/ SAO North Star II Field Tripod Construction Overview

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Welcome fellow Amateur Astronomers to the construction pages of the VSC "North Star II" Field As you may recall, the first North Star field tripod was constructed after my colleagues tripod for his Konus 8" EQ mounted reflector was destroyed after it was struck by a car. After seeing how well the tripod turned out and performed, I was inspired to make another with some advancements. I must say, that this field tripod is a definite improvement over the original North Star field tripod prototype in many respects and aspects. For one, better materials were used, as well as more refined engineering of its design. All with the same mindset; to build a cost effective telescope support structure that has the same reputation as many of the outrageously priced offerings on the market today. I believe I have achieve that goal, and much more. Some of the improvements over the prototype include: 1) Aluminum faceplates on the front and back of each leg, 2) Stainless steel hinges and hardware throughout, 3) Metal Feet/ Toes, and 4) Accessory Trail with rails that keep valuable accessories from rolling onto the ground. Speaking of the accessory tray, the North Star II tray is larger in size than the previous version and can hold a multitude of items you plan to use during your observing session. I know... I know... It's beginning to sound like a sales pitch, but I am considering making a couple more units to see it they would sell. But will revisit that later. For the moment, I present to you the construction overview of this fine tripod in hopes that it will inspire many of you to take on the task yourselves.

Sincerely, Mel Dawson     ..."Clear Skies, Forever!"