Aluminum Dew Shield Tube for the VSC/ SAO/ BGRP 127mm f/9.4 Refractor
  6" x 12" x .083" Aluminum Dew Shield Tube from Hastings Irrigation Pipe Company - Click for an enlarged image.
When I ordered my main tube from Hastings, I had forgot to order a section of tubing for my dew shield! What was I thinking!... One of the most critical components got left out in the cold! I must have been out of my mind! Well, I quickly recovered and ordered a 6" x 12" x .083" wall thickness section of aluminum tubing to be use as the dew shield on the 127mm f/9.4 BGRP refractor. In its final form, it will be cut to a length of 9" inches, which is a good length for this scope in blocking out stray light without impeding the objectives diameter. As is, it is a loose fit on the objective cell, but once the Protostar flocking material is installed, it will decrease the interior diameter just enough to allow for a snug fit. I am also considering another method of securing the dew shield, as well. More details on its preparation will follow.

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