Custom Cradle Teak Wood Rings for the VSC/ SAO/ BGRP 127mm f/9.4 Refractor
  Teak wood Cradle Rings with Oval Aluminum Hinges. - Click for an enlarged image.
To hold the OTA firmly to the aluminum dovetail plate, two cradle rings were custom made from .750" inch teak wood. The hinge for each cradle ring will be comprised of two oval plates of .250" thick aluminum to aid in enabling the top halves to swing away from the tube without damaging the finish of the OTA. Addition holes must be drilled to receive dowel nuts for attachment to the dovetail plate and for securing to the telescope's main tube. Their design was inspired by those CNC cut aluminum cradle rings typically sold by Astro-Tech, ADM, William Optics, etc. We will cover the finishing process of these bad boys later.

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