GSO 8x50mm Finder Scope for the VSC/ SAO/ BGRP 127mm f/9.4 Refractor
  6" x 12" x .083" Aluminum Dew Shield Tube from Hastings Irrigation Pipe Company - Click for an enlarged image.
The finder scope that will be used on the VSC/ SAO/ BGRP 127mm f/9.4 refractor is a GSO 8x50mm unit taken from a 12" f/5 Antares Dobsonian Reflector. The finder scope was given to me by my colleague Gary Barabino. The unit is all metal except for the star diagonal and eyepiece housings. All optics are fully coated and produce a very good image. The field of view is adequate, but the crosshair appears a bit blurred and out of focus in the FOV. But, this is not a major issue. The unit will be reconditioned and refinished in Vega Blue (Sail Blue Rustoleum spray paint).

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