VSC/ SAO/ BGRP 127mm f/9.4 Refractor Objective Lens
My 127mm f/9.4 Full-Coated Surplus Shed Objective - Click for an enlarged image,

Pictured above is the 127mm f/9.4 (1200mm) mounted objective lens. The cell is made from thermoplastic and is designed to fit a tube that is 127mm in O. D. The outside of the objective cell has several ribs, which will accommodate a dew shield that is about 5.850" in I. D. The two elements of the Fraunhofer Achromat are separated by a thin clear plastic ring that were replaced with 5 aluminum spacer adhesive tabs. The lens elements are fully-coated with a purplish pink hue, much like the Meade 127ED. I will flock the retainer ring and seat ring with Krylon Ultra-Flat Black spray enamel, along with painting the exposed cell ring with gloss enamel. More on this later.

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