Aluminum Main Tube for the VSC/ SAO/ BGRP 127mm f/9.4 Refractor
  5" x 48" x .073" Aluminum Main Tube from Hastings Irrigation Pipe Company - Click for an enlarged image,
In selecting a tube for the 127mm f/9.4 BGRP refractor, there was little doubt as to the company I was going to purchase it from. I went with Hasting Pipe Company located in Hastings, NE, who actually has a small division that caters to ATM'ers. In knowing that the focal length of the objective is approximately 47.5", I chose to get a 48" length of 5" O.D. tubing, with a wall thickness of .073". It cost me around $50.00. To make the tube work, all I have to do is cut it to the proper length (this will be covered later in the overview). Also, by purchasing a tube with an outside diameter of 127mm (5"), it fits the objective cell nearly perfectly, except that I will have to sand the interior of the cell a bit to increase the opening for an easier fit.

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